Setting The Record Straight; On Anisha & Gimmicks

The Truth Mast

“You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they?”

That is Matthew 7: 16.

I find this a verse I should quote to clear the air about the callous, indiscreet, foolhardy but rather expected nature in which a blogger has sought to malign and discredit the name of my person, that of Sam, Kahill and my employer NTV among others.


On the 28th of May, a Saturday, at around midday, I came to learn that my friend Sam Tusiime had been arrested and detained by a section of people in the police.

Benjamin texted me asking me to confirm whether Sam had been arrested. I quickly worked the lines with my friends in CPS and couldn’t immediately register the arrest because he had not been written down in the register where all suspects must be written before…

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